American Selfie

Election results are just snapshots of a voting population on one day. And Tuesday was the occasion for one big American Selfie. What do we learn about ourselves by looking at it? Well, many of us definitely feel left out of the picture. But first, let’s just say, […]

It Takes a Megalopolis

‘It Takes a Village’ – from March 2016 This piece was written to put a frame around women I was thinking of as the campaign for the first woman President progressed. I included personal political and artistic heroes no longer living, along with ancestors, relatives and friends  in […]

Wish They Were Here

Life before Wikileaks and Spectacle Journalism Who knows whether Pauline Frederick, Nancy Dickerson and Molly Ivins would be caught up in the so-called ‘botched media coverage’ of this election (see Brian Beutler’s article  in the Sept. 13 New Republic). But I would like to think these late journalists […]

She even said the “M” Word.

Comedy Central it was not.  But Thursday night’s 2016 Al Smith Memorial Dinner did provide some laughs. Particularly satisfying were the zingers Hillary managed to land after having to suffer through so many insults and verbal abuse at three debates. 5 BEST THINGS ABOUT THIS YEAR’S AL SMITH DINNER For the […]

21-Day Survival Kit

Positivity PLUS While we see out the final 21 days of Campaign 2016, we need to get ready for the first woman President. Here are positive alternatives to the grim hand-to-hand combat of public media.  Now’s the time to read Hillary’s books. Or check out the Democratic women Senate candidates […]